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Coastal GA Services
Just a little about us....

Coastal Ga Services is located in Midway, Ga. We serve the entire states of Georgia and South Carolina including the coast. We specialize in Aluminum Ramps, docks, walkways, T tops ,and floating boat docks. 

 "Spend more time on the water" with Coastal Ga Services

Aluminum Docks marine

Why is our dock system a superior product compared to the rest worldwide?

The answer is simply quality, superior welds, rust free, corrosion free, bug free, peace of mind and durability that makes Coastal Ga Services Aluminum docks and ramp systems the best and most affordable aluminum ramps, docks, walkways and floating boat ramps on the market today.

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Coastal GA Services

                                               Drive-On Lifts and Boat Docks

Our Jet Dock's are so easy to use, to deploy your craft, simply drive off and you're ready to enjoy the water. Our floating docks are known for their versatility and work just as well with kayaks and jet skis, as they for large pontoon boats, catamarans, and yachts.

Jet Dock floating boat lifts are tops in the industry when it comes to drive-on dock systems, and have provided docks for thousands of satisfied customers.  Our docks range in size from PWC's to 50 foot boat weighing up to 50,000lbs as well as docking systems for the US Coast Guard and The US Navy.  These docks are proven and will last and protect the value of your boat for many years to come. Some of our dock systems have been in place for over 25 years. And the best part is, no expensive lumber material, cables, pullys and otors to break and added labor cost. Our Jet Dock blocks come with a lifetime warranty. Our quality is unsurpassed in the industry.

Boat Lift Installation

Unlike other floating boat lift systems, there is no cranking or manual lifting required, making the use of our boating product an enjoyable experience. Jet Dock boat lifts don't use any electrical parts or require any complicated tools to install. Our boat lifts and docks require no maintenance and are extremely portable for convenience.

To find out why our quality floating boat lift systems are preferred by so many, please explore our site to learn more! Our pontoon boat lifts are very popular!

Aluminum Ramps, docks, walkways, T tops ,and floating boat docks. 

   Protect your investment for years to come Our PWC dock prices start at                                                  $1995 Contact us today for a quote

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