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The best fish filet mat

The Fish Mat filet mat

The Fish Mat is a fish cleaning mat and with its unique design is the secure way to hold your fish in place when skinning, cleaning, scaling and filleting. Our patent pending peg design grips the fish while you clean creating a safe, slip free surface that holds the fish and eliminates movement. The "Super grip" nonslip bottom makes sure it stays in place no matter the pressure applied. It's easy to clean and comes with a handle!

 The generous size of "The Fish Mat" is 15"x23" and can be used on your boat, at home, on your cooler top, picnic table, the dock or anywhere you need to clean fish!  It's the right size for most any fish including Bass, Trout, Redfish, Flounder and for bigger fish like Salmon. For larger fish just put them side by side! "The Fish Mat " is perfect for any cleaning station setup and makes it much easier to clean your catch.  When you're done, you simply rinse it off. It cleans up quickly and doesn't absorb any odors. These are premium fish cleaning mats that has been Captain tested to be the best, longest lasting fish cleaning mat on the market.

-Rolls up for easy storage

-Unique designed pegs hold fish in place

- Embossed rubber for seamless design

-"Super grip" Nonslip bottom

-Use on any flat surface. cooler tops, tables, boat, etc.

- Thicker than the competition

- Very Durable and well made

-Easy cleanup

-Patent Pending

-Clean fish or cut bait on or off the boat

-Measurements 15"x 23"

- USA owned and operated

$26.00 Free shipping......

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