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The  Coastal "Guide Series" aluminum fishing pliers are the perfect lightweight solution for all your fishing needs. The hardened Tungsten cutters are the best in the industry. They are sharp...Really sharp! So sharp, thet will even cut a a hair! Cutting any size line is a snap with the new hardened tungsten cutters, from heavy mono to fine braided line. It comes with the Coastal Ga Fishing logo assuring you the highest quality. Great for removing hooks and using it to split your rings for rehooking your baits. . Comes complete with the draw cord and snapon case you wear right on your side! 

ON SALE NOW! $29.95 with Free shipping

The Coastal "Guide Series" Aluminum Fishing Pliers

$29.95 Regular Price
$26.95Sale Price
  • We spend 100s of hours on the water each year and we have seen a lot of products! Some work...some don't.

    The products that we sell are proven to be of the best quality possible and are available at a very affordable price. All are field tested by professional guides, Captains and everyday fisherman and hunters.

    We are confident you will be happy with your purchase!

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