This lithium battery charger can charge all lithium, lifePO4 and lead cell batteries! State of the art circuitry provides Intellegent detection and can

12V/24V 10A Car Battery Charger For Lithium LiFePO4 AGM GEL Lead-Acid charge 12 or 24 volt batteries. Batteries
Lithium, Lead-Acid, LiFePO4 battery type can selectable
The 7-stage microprocessor controls charging process thru Intellegent detction and provides efficient battery charging.
Charging voltage adapts to temperature, that can prevent over- or under- charging of battery.
Capable of recharging severely discharged or heavily sulfated battery.
Reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and over-charge protections.
LCD display: Shows the voltage, current and temperature 
Ease of use. Clear charging status display.
Full microprocessor controlled.

* Explosive gases may be emitting from battery during charging.
* Provide ventilation to prevent flames and sparks.

* Do not expose charger to the sun, or under high temperature environment.

* Battery acid is corrosive. Rinse immediately with water if acid comes into contact with skin or eyes.

* Do not charge a frozen or damaged battery.

* The charger is designed for 12V and 24V Lithium, Lead-Acid, LiFePO4 batteries
* with capacity from 6AH - 120AH(12V), 6AH - 60Ah(24V).
* Check battery manufacturer specifications before using.
* Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries.
* Do not place the charger on the battery while charging

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Lithium, LIFEPO4 and Lead-Acid battery charger

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  • 12 or 24 volt charging

    Lithium, LIFEPO4 or Lead-Acid batteries

    Intellegent detection prevents over charging

    Digital screen reads out Voltage, Amps and Tempeture

    Light and portable

    Perfect for Marine, auto, motorcycle, RV , and others