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Best fishing times for the Georgia Coast


Best Times: May - October

Flounder in coastal Georgia are one of the most popular inshore fish during the summer months. Flounder may be the best eating of all inshore fish and maybe the most fun to target because of their peculiar nature. Flounder lie on the bottom and face upward at potential prey with both eyes on the upper brown side of their head.

The summertime flounder bite in coastal Georgia is fairly consistent in the warmer months. Many fishermen like to fish for Flounder in the early AM hours, but If you think flounder won't hit all day, think again! Areas like docks, piers, and bridges that have structure that attract baitfish which can be flounder magnets, so keep that in mind.

We prefer to anchor near inlets and cuts. Fishing with live mud-minnows or shrimp is the preferred tactic we use for catching flounder in coastal Ga. Captain Jay Cranford

Red Fish

Best Times: February - December

Redfish-  Redfish grow at a rate of about one inch per month in the first two years of life which tells me that we have had spawns in the last two seasons. Hopefully this year’s spawn was successful and will give the Redfish fishing a boost in the coming months.

Inshore you can find the Redfish in small creeks at low tide. Look for the last deep hole in the back of creeks. It’s also good if you can find creeks with shell mounds near the deeper holes. A live lined shrimp or a VUDU shrimp on a jig head will typically entice a bite as will soft plastic grubs and we found Egret Bait Company baits work well.

Near the jetties and the nearshore reefs you will find Bull Redfish up to 45 inches which can be caught on large soft plastics cut bait, or live bait. Be patient and if you find a hungry school of monster Reds, keep in mind these are catch and release Trophy fish. Some of these larger Redfish are 30 years old or more and critical to a successful spawn. If you take the fish out of the water,  keep it horizontal. Improper handling can cause fatal damage to the fish and they take a long time to replace. Have fun! Captain Jay Cranford

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Sea Trout

Best Times: February - December

Trout- Excellent; The Trout fishing has been great and we have seen more and more fish caught up-river recently. Trout are still being caught on shell banks and creek mouths but are also being caught in Winter patterns such as deep bends, docks, and bluffs. I am seeing more large Trout showing up and expect that to continue as Winter approaches. Captain Jay Cranford

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